Tom Tischler, Real Estate Agent - Etobicoke

Family comes first for me, and my wife and I are so happy to have chosen Etobicoke as our home. It’s a great place to work because the people I meet each day share the same pride for this incredible area. If I’m not working you’ll likely find me either cooking a meal for my family, playing my guitar for my daughter or playing a round of golf in and around the GTA.

I strive to provide my clients with the best guidance and expertise that can help them realize their real estate goals and dreams.  Along the way I commit to providing them with world class customer service so that they have the smoothest ride possible.

The "Plugged In" Philosophy

Plugged In to Real Estate: This one’s the most obvious. As with most things, knowledge is power. Having a deep understanding of the real estate market is absolutely vital when providing guidance to my clients. It’s my job to be up to date on not only what’s happening in Toronto in general, but also on the various sub markets within the city as well.  

Plugged In to technology: Let’s face it: whether you like it or not things are happening faster and faster, with more and more of our transactions and interactions happening online every day. As someone looking after your best interests it’s imperative that I know how to leverage the amazing tools available to us to ensure that your goals are met.
Plugged In to my guitar: Music is a big part of my life. I’ve been a lifelong student of the guitar and the more I learn the more I learn there is to learn! Lately I've been enjoying playing for my baby daughter. I think she gets a kick out of it too!